Thursday, 18 July 2013

Myths of Learning Maths

There are lot of myths attached to 'maths'.
Only some people can be good at math and people need to possess certain kind of mind and mindset to excel in math ...

One of the profound idea that I came across in the following series of lectures of 15 to 20 minutes is that by making mistakes while doing math, two additional neural connections are formed.
1. While making the conceptual mistake
2. While reflecting and correcting the mistake

It continues to argue that people who get it right first all the time tend to have Fixed Minds whereas the the people tend to make more mistakes have a Growing Mind due to the increased neural connections !!!

Interesting set of video lectures from Stanford University professor on LEARNING MATH...


  1. I used to openly admit that I am not good at Maths and I have a tendency to make lot of mistakes...
    It looks like I can continue to make mistakes and admit that in public too ... !!! :)

  2. Nice one, RajaG. Yes, all of us do too! :)

    This seems to be suggesting a totally lateral idea to the concept of "learning from other's mistakes as we don't have a lifetime to make our own & learn from it"! :)